October 15 is the 50th anniversary of Cole Porter's death. On Saturday 30 August, Wilfried and Dirk Baert will perform one last Cole Porter Session in Antwerp's Rataplan. published an article for the occasion:

Cole Porter Fix Up Session -

Aug 15, 2014: LIVE AT ST. PAUL'S

Our livestreaming team recorded today's orchestral mass at Antwerp's St. Paul's Church which celebrates the Assumption of Mary. Listen to Wilfried sing 'Onze Vader' below:

Aug 4, 2014: new blog post

Cole Porter: Man of Paradoxes

Aug 2, 2014: Cole Porter Anthology

We're pleased to announce that our Cole Porter Anthology has just been updated to feature all 320 Cole Porter songs that we currently have the sheet music and lyrics of. More updates are just around the corner, including a blog system on which Wilfried will share his thoughts on the composer's work as well as a place for academic discussion. Stay tuned and for now please feel free to browse between the vast repertoire.

Cole Porter Anthology

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